Huge Air Volume
Ultra-low Energy Consumption
Super Coverage
Dehumidification & Mould proof
Remove the cooling and heat stratification
Huge air volume
Super coverage
Ultra-low energy consumption
+ The fan could bring the natural wind at 1.2-2.3m/s to the human body and improve the speed of the sweat evaporation and drop the
    temperature of the human body by 5-7 ℃
Lukeson Research and Development
Professional design
Continuous optimization
+  From America, Designed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University Pro Lukeson 5.0 Series HVLS;
+  Professional design, efficient fan Blade-Empennage system, excellent application of aerodynamics, smooth speed streamlines,
    more fit to the airfoil surface.
+  Maximum high pressure zone, and maximum pressure energy, and maximum air volume, and maximum energy conversion
High quality components
LKS 5013 Fan blade
LKS 5032 Drive Plate
LKS 5042 Drive plate plug
High Efficiency Motor from German
Schneider frequency control system
LKSP 5032 Empennage
+  Best streamline design of the flabellum could decrease the resistance force to the lowest points and transfer the electrical
    energy into the energy of motion efficiently;
+  In a professional workstation, we use ANSYS ICEM and ANSYS CFX to continuous analysis, optimize and test by the means of
    aerodynamics lift coefficient method;
+  High strength light alloy with high strength, light-weight, high ductility, corrosion resistance, long life;
+  Three stiffeners will help to prevent the blades sagging when the fan is not at work and upward when the fan is at work. Thus
    the fatigue expenditure will be reduced;
Technical data
Model Number
Installation Parameter
Installation (conventional)
Type UF 14000 UF 13000 UF 11000 UF 10000 UF 9000
Air volume(m³/min) 14160 13550 11300 10630 9780
Rotation rate(r/min) 60 65 70 80 80
Rated motor power(kw) 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.5 1.1
Fan diameter(mm) 7360 6360 5360 4360 3360
Weight(kg) 126 121 92 86 82
Full-load current 3.5Amps/380v    5.7Amps/220v 2.4Amps/380v    4.2Amps/220v
Noise dB(A) ≤65
Convenient and efficient support pre-sales & after-sales;
1,Experienced team in electric, mechanical engineering, building structure, stress analysis;
2,Programmed installation, standardized operation, scientific and clear installation process;
3,Fastening with standard torque by excellent equipment;
4,Accurate height and horizontal measurement, strict balance correction;
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